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A lifetime experience!

Alejandro from Brazil

Me and my wife stayed at Tusk Bush Lodge at Marloth Park, right beside Kruger National Park. There, Douglas hosted us in a very special way. He cooked a fabulous meal, and there we decided to make a private safari with him. We couldn´t have made a better decision since he from the beginning was the "perfect guide" in all senses. A great spotter, responsible, enthusiastic, and overall a great expert in wildlife. We woke up at four, entered the park at 5:30 and drove until the park closed. (6 PM) We made more than 280 km chasing and shooting (with our câmeras, of course!) many different animals along the park. He was always aware through his mobile, about information concerning lions, leopards and other animals appearing in certain parts of the park, and driving towards them, so we could not miss them! There are no words to describe the emotion and the thrilling sensation of beeing there. Douglas: The best professional !!! A lifetime experience !!